Intersession A encompasses all communication between both Primary [PC] and Secondary [SC] Chars occurring between S1|E2|S1 and S1|E2|S2. There are no distinct Intersessional Start and Close times.

1. @gossama:
  • displayed ongoing curiosity regarding the 5th PC.
  • posted in-game achievements and continual status updates: indicates successful Perceptual Integration into the FEF [Forced Environment Field].
2. @Miss_Stressa:
  • extensively responded to SC @jr_carpenter: reveals that “Stressa is my birthname (I’m unmarried)…” [note: the use of the term "umarried" as opposed to "not married"].
  • referenced photography and remodeling multiple times.
  • framed the Intersession with referencing perceived authority “I’ll have to check the manual”.
  • displayed partial navigation of the FEF by Contextual Linking and referencing External Content:

    Example of @Miss_Stressa Referencing External Content

    Example of @Miss_Stressa Referencing External Content

3. @crissxross:
  • referenced her current Observer Status and awareness of the ongoing nature of the #feralC Project.
4. @jr_carpenter:
  • displayed Sustained Engagement Patterns with @Miss_Stressa, prompting @Miss_Stressa to communicate a Bio-Reference:
Example of a Bio-Reference from @Miss_Stressa

Example of a Bio-Reference from @Miss_Stressa

  • referenced multiple fluctuating Bio-States: “hungry”/”inside outside”/”stressa as it gets”/”missing food”/”absence of eggs”.
5. @o0000O0:
  • gave notification of their absence for Session 2: indicating a marked shift from their overall Engagement Patterns evidenced in Session 1.

@Miss_Stressa Streetmuseum Clue 5